We use both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to help both public and private organizations analyze and describe examples of the world’s best practices, empirically measure change and impact, develop projection tools, run experiments and cost-benefit analysis. Our approach is data-driven and based on the use of robust approaches and state-of-the-art techniques. Our approach is global with interest in the Global South and the micro-context of businesses. This is achieved with the specialized approach we adopt with specific experts handling the specific areas based on the depth of experience.


Public Policy Research

Our public policy research covers issues of national and global concern which are important for duty bearers, policymakers, regulators, industry experts, international development organizations, and diplomatic corps, among others. Our approach is apolitical and data-driven with the aim to provide the best possible alternatives to address the most pressing global issues with focus on the unique context of our clients.


Market Research

Our market research focus on providing data for our clients as well as providing insights that drive business growth and development. The focus is on private businesses, public institutions, and any organization that seek to understand the business context of the specific geographical area they operate in. We have the capacity to conduct cross-country studies, country-wide studies and regional studies.