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The Dataking Research Lab and Dataking Consulting offers opportunities for both graduates and undergraduate students to be part of a rigorous mentorship programme. Also, this mentorship programmes are structured in the form of internships that are supposed to provide relevant training, capacity building and opportunities to nurture the abilities of participants.

Over time, we have nurtured participants to conduct research, present at international conferences and to publish them in reputable journals and magazines. Interns and participants of the mentorship programme usually have the opportunity to attend internal meetings, organizational development workshops and public events of the research Lab. There are short term internships of 4 weeks and others depending on the peculiar case of participants

Application Process

The application process is rigorous and competitive, however, all those who believe they have developed their skills can apply. We advice those who develop interest to work with us to take advantage of opportunities we share on our pages and social media handles, to build their capacities before applying.

step 1

The applicants will be required to fill a form (Link) to express their interest and also to provide a short essay on a current global issue.

step 2

Successful applicants will be requested to submit their curriculum vitae and cover lette

step 3

There shall be 3 different interviews to access different skills requirements of the candidates (you shall be required to write an essay)

step 4

There shall then be a final interview, before the engagement

In the cases where the internships are part of an academic requirement, the following are some documents that will be useful.

Two letters of recommendations
Institutional letter (e.g from an academic institution)